Monday, January 4, 2010

8 Pallets of Macys Liquidation Womans Intimates Nice Profit

I purchased an eight pallet truckload of woman's liquidation apparel The woman's liquidation apparel was intimate apparel from Macy's. The Macy's liquidation intimate apparel was customer returns. The merchandise was very clean for customer returns. All items still had the store tags on them. I paid six thousand five hundred for the eight pallets.
I sold the pallets of Macy's Liquidation Intimate apparel for twelve hundred per pallet. All the pallets were sold in six days.I made a three thousand dollar profit. Macys liquidation woman's intimate apparel are a good investment.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wholesale Overstock Winter Apparel 4 Pallets from Wal-mart Liquidation Inventory

I purchased a four pallet truckload of wholesale overstock apparel. The condition was new. Their were about five hundred pieces of wholesale winter clothing on each pallet.The overstocks were from Wal-mart's excess inventory. I paid one thousand eight hundred for the liquidation truckload of winter apparel.
I sold the overstock pallets of apparel for one thousand per pallet. Two of the pallets were purchased by a long time customer. She sells at a large flea market. The other two pallets were bought by a man that sells on EBay. I sold the pallets of cloths in one day. I made a nice profit of more than $2000. This was a good day of liquidating.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Liquidation Pallets of Wholesale Childrens Clothing from Target Overstock and Macy's Closeouts

Wholesale childrens clothing and womans apparel can be a good investment. I purchased fourteen pallets of Target overstock wholesale childrens clothing. Five pallets of liquidation womans apparel from Macy's. The truckload of wholesale clothing was a mixture of overstock childrens clothing and wholesale womans clothing.
I paid twenty - six thousand five hundred dollars for the nineteen pallets of liquidation surplus cloths. I had four customers that bought the pallets of closeout clothing . They paid two thousand per pallet of wholesale childrens clothing.I sold all the pallets in six days. I made a profit of eleven thousand five hundred dollars . This was a good truckload of liquidation closeout apparel.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kohls Truckloads of Surplus Liquidation Closeouts

Kohls department store closeouts are priced for profit. I bought twenty two pallets of liquidation surplus general merchandise. This truckload had everything sold in Kohl;s except apparel and cosmetics. I paid $4,600 for the truckload of surplus closeouts from Kohl's I sold the 22 pallets to six customers. The price I charged for the pallets of surplus closeouts was $400 per pallet. The total was $8,800.. The entire truckload of surplus liquidation merchandise was sold in tweleve days.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pallest of surplus Liquidation Inventory from Costco

Costco customer returns truckloads are sold by store. Usually a trading Company has a contract for each costco warehouse store to buy customer returns. Once a week the trading company buys every returned item from that individual store. They must buy all of the customer returns from that store. Everything from open boxes of candy, apparel, plasma T.V.s,outdoor furniture,digital cameras.
I have recently bought two truckloads of costco warehouse customer returns. I ppaid 36% of cost . I bought from a wholesale liquidator who has about eight costco stores that he purchases the customer returns. The merchandise is very clean for customer returns. I sold some of the pallets on I made the pallets . The best merchandise I soldd on Ebay. What was left over i sold to two flea market vendors.
I paid 7,000 for the pallets of costco customer returns. The total sales for the loads was $16,000. If you are just starting out in the liquidation business costco truckloads of customer returns are a safe place to invest some money if you have a little extra time and extra space.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Liquidation Surplus Salvage Closeouts Pallets or Truckloads

What should you purchase first Apallet or a truckload?
Neither. First you must learn what the difference between overstocks closeouts and customer returns and salvage. You can buy a salvage truckload of electronics for as low as 5% of wholesale costs. A truckload of overstock electronics like 3 pallets of new xbox 360's or Ipods you will be lucky to buy at 70% wholesale costs. If you see a very popular item being liquidated for a low low percentage of wholesale costs you know it must be salvage. You must study and learn what is the condition. Remember the market for liquidation merchandise rises to the level of the condition of the inventory being sold. In other words you get what you pay for.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pallet KIng is Going to Reveal his Secret Source for liquidation Surplus and Salvage Truckloads

Pallet King will let his readers know how he buys his most profitable truckloads of surplus, salvage, liquidation closeouts and overstocks. He has contracts to buy surplus liquidation inventories direct from major retailers.Macy's, Sears, Target, Kohls, Wal-Mart, K-Mart.
To buy the most profitable truckloads He has developed a good working relationship with a very large liquidation company. He takes advantage their buying power. Since he buys a minimum of two truckloads a month they hook him up with premium loads. It is advantageous to both parties. Pallet King receives great truckloads and the liquidation comp[any knows they can turn the merchandise without having to process the surplus truckload.
I have talked to Pallet King, He is having some health issues. So he is going to help some of his readers (qualified; must be able to liquidate two trucloads a month) to be more successful in the liquidation industry. He told me the industry has been good to him so he wants to give something back.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Customer Returns from Fred Meyers Great Value

Fred Meyers customer returns general merchandise truckloads are my favorite . These truckloads of customer returns do not come manifested. The truckload has fifty-two pallets of customer returns. The pallets are gaylord boxes on pallets. The pallets are filled up with returned merchandise and sealed. Then they are loaded onto a truck. The pallets are doubled stacked. I would estimate their is three to four thousand dollars retail in each pallet of Fred Meyers customer returns. I paid $7,500 including shipping for the fifty two pallet truckload. I sold the pallets for three hundred each.Total $15,600. I quickly doubled my original investment. The merchandise was sold in five days.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Macy's and Sears bulk Items 28% of whol;esale costs

I recently purchased Ten more pallets of bulk items from Macy's and Sears. Six of the pallets of bulk items were from Macy's liquidation inventory. The bulk items were closeouts and discontinued kitchenwares. These pallets were loaded with national brands like De longhi, Kitchen Aid,Bunn, Heinkels, Cusinart, George Foreman Grills, Rachael Ray and many many more. This was all brand new bulk goods. I paid twenty eight percent for this liquidation inventory. The cost for the six pallets of bulk kitchenwares was$2,100 including shipping. The Sears bulk items were just as good as the Macy's bulk items. The pallets from Sears Liquidation inventory cost me $1,200 . I sold the ten pallets of surplus bulk items to five different flea market vendors. The price was $900 per pallet. Total was $9,000 for all the pallets. More than double my original investment.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Macy's Wholesale Kitchen and Domestics Surplus Pallets of Liquidation Inventory

Today I Want to write a little about buying Kitchen Wares and Domestics from Macy's Liquidation inventory. Recently I purchased two truckloads of Surplus kitchen wares and Domestics. There were 65 pallets on the two truckloads of bulk merchandise. I called around to my best buyers. I sold all the palklets of kitchen and domestics to six customers.
The total I paid for the sixty-five pallets was twenty-six thousand. The final for sales of the 65 pallets of surplus domestics and kitchen wares forty - four thousand.
All sales were cash . No credit. The total from time I ordered until the last wire transfer was eighteen days.Nice profit.

Bulk Goods of Surplus Apparel are Profit Makers for Liquidators

Wholesale Liquidation Network For Truckloads: Wholesale distribution of surplus apparel is a timely business. Surplus apparel have made me a nice supplement to my salvage and surplus liquidation business. I have recently expanded into surplus bulk apparel. The first three months of this year I have bought eight truckloads of surplus bulk designer apparel from Federated Department Stores Liquidation Inventorys. I buy truckloads of this merchandise . I sell by the pallet. I usually double my money.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Macy's and K-Mart Surplus Liquidation Overstocks

surplus liquidation from k-mart and Macy's have kept me busy for six weeks. I bought a truckload of macy's surplus liquidation apparel. The truckload of had 21 pallets of surplus overstocks and shelf pulls. Their was a good mix of Mens,womans and childrens apparel.The condition of the liquidation merchandise was very good. Two of the pallets of Macy's liquidation apparel were customer returns. The customer returns were very clean. I paid 46,000 for the twenty-one pallets of apparel. I sold the macy's clothing truckload to three different customers. the total was 76,000. That was for a $30,000 profit. I made this profit in 42 days.
The k-mart truckload of surplus clothing had 14 pallets. I paid a total of $19,000 for this truckload of surplus apparel.This truckload had a lot of returns. The truckload was sold to five customers for 32,000 . this was done in 36 days. These truckloads of overstocks and closeouts from macy's and K-Mart was a challenge. The effort was rewarding when the last pallet of this surplus liquidation apparel was sold.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Target Department Store Good Closeouts Pallets

Just want to say I have a customer that bought 2 pallets of closeouts of target bulk merchandise. They doubled their money and were very happy. Target Stores liquidation inventory is easy to sell. The truckloads usually have national brands as a large percentage of the merchandise on the pallets. Electronics closeouts with many pallets of electronics.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

just found best friend of new wholesale closeout buyers

I found a very good resource for buying liquidation retail overstocks and returns.they actually guid3e you through the process to get your own contracts with major retailers like sears kmart target and many others.
best of all it is totaly a free service. no catch. contracts to purchase below wholesdale costs overstocks closeouts and surplus merchandise from department stores. Surplus salvage contracts are a valuable item to have. A person or entity can make big money buying liquidation inventories from department stores like:Macys,sears, K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Best Buy, Costco, Rite Aid, C.V.S.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sears has nice Overstock Pallets

So excited I just received 4 electronics pallets from sears. These were pallets of overstocks from christmas. The load was full of digital picture frames and portable dvd players. The liquidation load had 4 lcd 27" tvs. all in perfect working order. This is the best load of pallets of electronics i ever purchased.These consumer electronics surplus merchandise is great in you love money.
One of the pallets was full of digital cameras. It was so beautiful i started to cry. I just love the cost of this liquidation merchandise. These electronics will make me have a profitable janurary.
want to sell thisese pallets as quickly as possible. I want to try to buy a truckload of macys closeouts for FEbruary. Sounds like a good plan.
This was the best load of wholesale closeouts and overstocks electronics I ever bought.